Friday, September 3 / 16:00 PM - 17:30 PM   •   Room HS32

Session 80:
Socioeconomic differentials in health and mortality

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  1. (Withdrawn) Social class inequalities in disability-free life expectancy at older ages: findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) Edlira Gjonca, University College London; James Nazroo, University of Manchester; Faiza Tabassum, University College London;

  2. Socioeconomic mortality differentials at ages 95 and higher in the United States. An application of the extinct-cohort method Roland Rau, University of Rostock; Magdalena Muszynska, Duke University;

  3. Mortality among the unemployed differs greatly by the magnitude of workplace downsizing: a register-based follow-up study of Finnish men and women Netta Mäki, University of Helsinki;

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