The dynamics of international migrant traders in Nigeria: a case study of selected markets in Lagos

Fatai Ogundele, Lagos State University
Gladys Aigbe
Ayo Omotayo

Migration, both within and beyond borders, has become an increasingly prominent theme in domestic and international debates. The starting point is that the global distribution of capabilities is extraordinarily unequal, and that this is a major driver for movement of people. There is a range of evidence about the positive impacts of migration on human development, through such avenues as increased household incomes and improved access to education and health services. There has been series of reported researches on migration in migration literature especially, the transhumance and Nomadic Cattle rearers moving from the upland to lowland in search of food for their herds .Also reported is the issue on brain drain as a result of highly skill migrant who travel to developed countries in search of greener pasture while little or nothing has been said on international migrant traders who travels abroad to order for goods and bring them in to the country for sales. It is sad to note that, these set of migrant whose activities has impacted positively on both the destination and origin has not been recognized by academia in their researches. The research investigates International migration in the context of changes in patterns and trends in both the destination and origin. It also presents more detailed and nuanced individual and group experiences of their business trips and the challenges they are confronted with. Also the research also look at the patterns of movement of the traders in the areas of countries frequently visited for business and why. The study makes use of both primary and secondary data. The primary data include questionnaire administration, focuss group discussion and in-depth interview and the data collected were collated and analyzes with SPSSS.

Presented in Poster Session 2