Migration as a human resource

Eva Kacerova, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)

The number of long-term or permanently residing foreigners in the CR exceeded in the 2007 the amount of 392 000. Age structure of foreigners staying in the CR for more than 1 year substantially differs from the age structure of the population of the CR. The Czech Republic seems to be an attractive place for EU-15, A8 and third country nationals. The proportion of foreigners has grown in the last years. The ratio of foreigners to the labour force in the Czech Republic, in other words to the economically active citizens at the age of 15 or older, has been on the rise for the last years. Supply has responded to changing demand for new workforce. This article came into being within the framework of the institutional support of the long-term conceptual development in science and research.

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Presented in Poster Session 2