Mathematical and statistical modelling of rounded data in historical populations

Eva Kacerova, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)
Jiri Henzler, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)

One of the most cited sources of demographical data on the middle of the 17th century in Bohemia is the List of Inhabitants according to Faith of 1651. The List yields extensive data on serfs in several areas in Bohemia: on their age, profession, religion and marital status. Helas, data concerning the age of listed persons are in general rounded according to various rules. The aim of this article is to cope with this problem by means of mathematical modelling of age distribution and statistical analysis via moving averages. This article came into being within the framework of the long-term research project 2D06026, "Reproduction of Human Capital", financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport within the framework of National Research Program II

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Presented in Poster Session 2