Infant and youth mortality in Algeria

Boualem Ouzriat, Ministére de la santé de la population et de la réforme hospitaliére
Houria Kerbal, Association de formation et d'information continue pour la promotion de la santé- Wilaya de Boumerde

It's initially a question of presenting through the results of the Algerian investigation on the health of the family which was carried out during the period 2002- 2003 the level of the infant mortality and youthful, her tendencies as well as the disparities noted according to the kind, the medium of residence and some demographic characteristics socio of the mother. The second part will be devoted to the evaluation of the impact of the environmental factors on the level of the infant mortality. The Algerian investigation within the framework of the Arab project for the health of the family, into a sample of 10000 households, extended to 20000 households for the study of the infant mortality and to allow having some number of indicators at the regional level. The infant mortality rate was estimated at 31,4‰, the probability of survival of the girls of less than one year is higher than those of the boys, the children of the urban environment are likely in addition more to survive than those of the rural zone. It should be recalled that this rate knew a significant fall compared to 1992 when the data of the investigation into the health of the mother and the child estimated it at 44‰. The youthful quotient of mortality is estimated at 36,7‰ this rate knew a fall compared to the year 1992 when it was estimated at 49 ‰

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Presented in Poster Session 2