An innovative model on needs assessment of demographic statistics in the ECO major countries at the international publications

Ardeshir Entezari, Centre for Population Studies and Research, Tehran
Shahla Kazemipour Sabet, Regional Center for Population Research and Studies in Asia and the Pacific
Nader Motie Haghshenas, Population Studies and Research Center in Asia and the Pacific

The aim of this paper is to highlight and identify needs of demographic statistics in the ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization) major countries which are consisted Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan and Turkey countries at the international publications. The paper is designed to answer the main question that do countries with different historical experiences and development levels manifest similar quality and condition demographic data producing at the international level? Data are taken from the Demographic Yearbooks which are conducted by United Nations Statistics Division,1997 and 2007. According to Kaufman theory on needs, needs assessment is a process for determining and addressing needs, or "gaps" between current conditions and desired conditions. Conceptual framework is divided two categories which are current needs demographic data and those are not presented at the international scale. Finally, we used and compared with the programme of action of the international conference on population and development (ICPD) Cairo (1994) on policy recommendation for demographic data producing. It involves identifying material weaknesses and strengths, and evaluating possible solutions that take those qualities into consideration.

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Presented in Poster Session 2