(Withdrawn) Analysis of higher education student population using multistate life tables

Zane Cunska, University of Latvia

Statistics suggest that education sector in Latvia is in front of important changes that will come as a consequence of demographic gap and extensive expansion of higher education in the last 15 years. The education age structure and participation rates have not been analyzed indepth though. The current reserch aims to fill the gap and study the higher education population using multistatus life tables originating from mathematical demography. The multistatus method is rarely used for education studies, but is very appropriate provided individual history data are available. The research therefore (1) develops methodology for using multistate technique for analysis of student population, (2) comprises multistate life tables for higher education in Latvia, based on student register data, and (3) provides analysis of the expected lenght of studies, mean age of entrance in higher education, and probability of enrollment in HE. This will permit drawing inferences about higher education population and inform policies.

Presented in Poster Session 1